Cult fiction, typed by a cult author, on a cult typewriter

We’re not quite sure where the ‘just out’ reference came from — given that the book was published in 2005, but here is a ‘cult’ reference in line with dictionary definition 5a.

The title page of The Rough Guide to Cult Fiction — just out — shows a portable typewriter on a desk with other writing paraphernalia.

Turn the page and the caption reads “The essential equipment of a cult author, as collected by William Burroughs.” Burroughs receives the longest entry in the book.

The ultimate cult author — the ultimate writing machine.
– Source: Dead Media Beat: Olympia Manual Typewriter, Bruce Sterling, Wired, Aug. 23, 2009

‘Cult’ as in a relatively small but dedicated following. As perhaps also seen in Sterling’s nostalgic respect for the old Olympia typewriter.

Nothing religious or destructive here.

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