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South African cult wines introduced to Taiwan market

The Judgment of Paris, an assessment of wine quality held in 1976 was a great milestone for America, because it showed that California wine was much better than French wine.

California Cult Wines have become famous in the world inspired by the Judgment of Paris.

As the first importer of Californian Cult Wines to the Taiwan market, Chateau Wine & Spirits Company understands the extraordinary quality of wine from South Africa.
– Source: South African Cult Wines make entry into Taiwan mart, Taiwan News Online, Aug. 27, 2009

This is an article about a wine importer who, having introduced Californian ‘cult’ wines to the Taiwan market, is now doing the same with ‘cult’ wines from South Africa.

The term ‘cult‘ here is used to indicate a product that, while relatively rare, has garnered a small but dedicated following.

This matches dictionary definition 5b for the term cult.