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Cult landmarks in Wales

In our forays through online news media in search of articles about cults, be they defined theologically or sociologically, we often run into additional ways in which the term ‘cult’ is used.

Some of those make sense — as in an article about the cult-like work culture one finds are certain companies. Or in a review of, say, a wine that has a small, but devoted following among oenophiles.

Others are a bit out there, such as the term ‘cult landmarks’ we found in this article from Wales Online:

cult landmarks in wales

We’re not quite sure that the landmarks featured have cult followings in the true sense of the term, though.

Cult Landmarks in film

Usually the term ‘cult landmarks’ is seen in connection to movies. Like in the description of the book, How to Read a Film. The book’s multimedia edition includes, “[m]ore than 130 film clips — Hollywood classics, cult landmarks, rare finds, famous sequences — over four hours of film!”

How to read a film

Landmark cult?

That said, if you Google cult landmarks — plural, and without quotation marks — you get a bunch of results for pages and websites discussing whether or not Landmark Education or the Landmark Forum is a cult.